4 Ways Virtual or Co-working Offices Keep You off the Road

Over the last few years, remote work has grown in popularity with workers, employers, and clients. But there are challenges in making the work-from-home life work for everyone.

Some of those most affected are remote workers who — both business owners and employees — have to contend with demands on their time that pull them in different directions. Perhaps your company wants you in the office part-time. Maybe your clients benefit from in-person visits. Or you could simply need to meet with the team on a regular basis. Can anything save you from being on the road too much?

The answer may be as simple as taking advantage of modern co-working office and workspace choices. Here are a few ways this innovation could keep you from being a full-time road warrior.

1. A Professional Office When Needed

Just having a professional office available when you need it can alleviate many employers’ concerns about allowing remote work. It also meets the needs of many entrepreneurs and self-employed persons.

How? An office — even a shared one — is a business space away from the distractions of home, where employees can more easily focus. It provides the technology, resources, and work spaces you need to do various projects. It’s also an appropriate location for videoconferences and in-person client meetings. Depending on why an employer wants employees back in the office, this could work instead.

2. A Place to Meet With Teams

Do you have to return to the traditional office in order to meet in-person with your team? Not necessarily. The key is to have a suitable workspace with what you need and in a location more convenient to those gathering. A team with lots of remote workers may find a compromise location that shortens travel time for everyone and still lets them work in person at times. You can even rent meeting rooms rather than offices.

3. A Workspace Close to Clients

If you have clients or business partners you regularly meet with in different areas, you may benefit from having workspaces in more than one location. Instead of hauling everything from your home base and taking it to the client, you could stage it — and yourself — in a more convenient spot.

Virtual offices and co-working spaces can often be leased for just a few hours per month for a low cost. This enables you to set up shop, complete work in a regular office space, have services routed to the temporary work location, and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth trips to home or the office.

4. A Cost-Saving Measure

Some employers are reluctant to give up the traditional office setup and let employees work remotely or handle tasks elsewhere. But, while it may take some adjustment, giving up the home office can be a great way for the company to save money. You may be able to convince your employer by doing the research and crunching the numbers.

A tailored part-time office lease means each person can rent space as often or as little as they need it. Some may simply need a touchdown space on rare occasions while other workers would prefer to be in the co-working office much of the week. Either way, your employer doesn’t have to pay for a one-size-fits-all arrangement that doesn’t actually fit all employees.

Where to Learn More

Which of these business concerns could make your remote work lifestyle easier and reduce your travel burden? No matter what your goals or work needs, a shared or virtual office could be the key. Start by touring the professional facilities at PS Executive Centers, Inc. We offer a wide range of services and spaces to satisfy any employee, employer, or entrepreneur. Visit today to learn more.