Entrepreneurs, Which Virtual Office Style Is Right For You?

Are you one of the millions of Americans who want to venture into a small business for yourself? If so, keeping costs tightly in line with income while presenting a professional image is key to success. The good news is that this is now possible more easily than ever, thanks to virtual offices and co-working spaces. But what types of spaces and services are right for you? Here’s a short guide to a few of the options and why choose each.

1. Business Address

The most bare-bones of all virtual business office options is usually the simple use of a business address. This is a largely virtual service as it doesn’t include much in the way of physical working space on-site.

With this package, though, you get key services. The first is a professional address for your letterhead, correspondence, and packages. Mail may be held or forwarded to you. In addition, you might have the services of a receptionist and meeting room. This is a good choice for very small businesses that want to protect the privacy of the owner. It’s also a great option for frequent travelers who aren’t likely to be in the office anyway.

2. Virtual Office

A virtual office takes the business address up one notch. It generally comes with the same benefits of a basic business address, but it adds a few more services. The most common is access to a telephone answering service that greets callers and routes those calls to your designated phone number(s). Not only does this add professionalism, but it frees up the business owner and employees from unnecessary interruptions.

Although it’s known as a virtual office, this service offers more on-site time than a business address. Many entrepreneurs use co-working, or shared office, space in professional buildings. You may not have a private office to call your own, but you do generally have good workspaces you can reserve in advance, a variety of work areas, internet access, business tools, and larger meeting rooms.

3. Private Office

The most extensive virtual office choice is a private office rental. With this package, you may use a full, furnished office for one or more people a set amount of time each month. It generally includes other amenities both virtually and throughout the building — resulting in the feeling and appearance of having a professional business space rather than doing things on the run.

The main advantage of a private office rental is its additional layer of privacy. This is great for an entrepreneur who meets regularly with individual clients or very small groups. It’s also important if your business involves secure matters, such as records or calls subject to HIPAA laws. However, it is the most expensive option, so each person must weigh carefully whether it’s actually necessary.

There’s another type of business owner who might want to spring for a private office. If you find it difficult to focus while working from home or you need the routine of a real office, this is a good investment. Combine it with work from home or on the road by tailoring the number of hours or days allotted per month.

Want to know more about these virtual business location options? Start by touring the state of the art facilities at PS Executive Centers, Inc. We offer a range of services to help you find the right balance between cost, amenities, and physical work space. Call or visit today to learn more. No matter what combination of services is right for you, we’ll help you craft a more professional and productive working environment that can help your business succeed.