Before coronavirus, virtualization was trendy. A Global Workplace Association survey reported that remote working had grown by 159% over the last 12 years. The early adopters who moved to remote work reported improvements in productivity, employee retention, diversity, talent access, and work-life balance.

Then, just as the millennials started pushing the early majority to make the leap, COVID-19 threw the traditional Technology Adoption Lifecycle in a vice.

In one week everything changed and the trend became the norm. Suddenly, what was preferable to do in-person now had be done remotely (or not at all) and a Virtual Office became the solution.

But which Virtual Office?

PS has been an operator of Virtual Offices for 25 years. As a commercial Mail Receiving Agent, we are an ‘essential business’ supporting Attorneys’ 401k Third Party Providers, Insurance Companies, IT Companies and many more with Virtual and Private Offices.

How Can We Help?

PS continues to answer incoming calls for our clients, and patch these calls to your home or mobile phone in order to keep you in business. We also offer a Voicemail service with a Voice to Text feature that helps you keep in touch with your clients.

How About Your Mail

We are here to collect all mail and courier packages, and forward these items to your home so you can Stay in Place.

How about Meetings?

We can provide large meeting rooms to insure social distancing for your critical meetings during this time. Many of our Attorney are busy making sure the Health Directives and Wills of their clients are brought up to date.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

  • Private Furnished Offices in a clean and sanitized environment available with terms from 1 to 12 months
  • Live Operator Answering, Voicemail, Mail Service and a prestigious business address.
  • One-stop availability for all your black and white or color printing, scanning and faxing needs.

Our Professional Staff

At PS you will find a dedicated Office Manager and a professional staff for all of your administrative needs.

We work individually with each and every client to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Call Us Today

These are challenging times! Give your business a competitive edge with a PS Virtual Office. Get one month free rent with a 6-month agreement if you call by May 31, 2020.

Plans and Pricing.

Richard Butterfield

VP Sales & Marketing