“I always know that my office is well taken care of from the start of the day with a chipper "Good Morning" from the staff to the lending hand with any issue that may arise. My office's carpet has been personally cleaned, our computer and telephone issues have usually been prewarned and taken care of in a timely manner, and these issues are to upgrade and better the current system. The office has been here for over two years and we are very happy here at this Centre.
“I’m very happy.  Best thing about this office: The incredible service by the staff.”
Glenn Henry
CleanNet USA

“PS Executive Centers, Inc. has been instrumental to our firm with cost effective solutions for our unique needs for office space.”
Bryan Glancy- Principal
Spinnaker Financial Group

“Please consider this my heart-felt endorsement of PS Executive Centers. Their Dublin facility in central Ohio has served my 25-year practice very well in the four years I have used them.

“The professionals who answer the phones, advise of mailings and schedule conference rooms are consummate professionals. They are discrete, polite and very accommodating. Every one of my clients feels very welcome.

“Best of all, the concept of a virtual office is not readily apparent. I view that as a major plus. When I schedule a conference room, my name is put next to the door and my personal effects are arrayed as though they were there all the time.

“Being a sole practitioner, an impressive office can speak reams about the services that clients come to expect. Sheryl Bannister and her core group of learned office administrators make every visit pleasant. Clients feel as though they are genuinely being welcomed to visit and confer with us.

“PS Executive Centers are the best thing that ever happened to my practice, and that of my benefactor Merwood Consulting Services. I never have regretted contracting with them, and I can’t recommend them highly enough to other attorneys, counselors in other fields, or other professionals with fluid and ever-changing demands.

“I warmly can confirm the positive nature of my interactions with PS Executive centers, together with their responsiveness, kindness and sense of optimism. It is just the blend that any small business needs to project a successful and prosperous image.”

James W. “Jim” Crowley, Esq.
Crowley Law Offices

“We want to take this opportunity to thank you, Cindy and Pat for the
invaluable support role that you have played in the evolution of our young
business. The PS Virtual Office model and your professionalism have enabled
us to present our business to the public in a very good light and on a
relatively small office budget. Your prompt resolution of issues and your
pleasant disposition with regards to our clients and caregivers has
convinced us that we will be using your services for a very long time.”

Olive and Francis Lobe
Visiting Angels

“The staff of PS Executive Services is one of the finest in Dublin.  They are professional and always eager to help with the needs of our organization. I know that no matter what our business needs are their talented and competent staff will handle it with the upmost integrity and professionalism.” 

Vickie Neal, Director of Operations
National Insurance Crime Bureau

“PS provides everything I need to keep my business running professionally.  When I have projects, they are eager to help and do an outstanding job.  The PS staff and services are critical to my growing business.”

Ron Scherer, MBA
Retirement Product Wholesaler

“I wanted to take just a minute to let you know how much MBP appreciates you and your staff. The consistent manner in which your team pulls together to support our every need is tremendous. The PS staff continually greets us and our customers with a bright smile and a courteous word.  Your team is definitely multi-talented and that coupled with the beautiful office environment and amenities has helped grow our business beyond our expectations.  I don’t think we will ever be able to thank you and your staff enough.”
Daniel P. Armstrong, Sr. C.P.M.
Magnum Building Products

“Thank you for your courtesy and attentiveness over the years.   Working with PS Offices is a pleasure and I always refer others who are looking for office space.  Excellent client service.  Everyone is very professional and always quick to help.”
Kim Hall, Account Manager
RCD Timber Products, Inc.

“I’ve worked in PS suites for 10 straight years now and that says it all.  If my kind of business can handle the phone connections, computer connections, people connections and money exchanges at very high speeds and very large numbers with professionalism, any kind of less complicated business can operate here quire seamlessly.

“The staff is excellent and my client base treats them as extensions of me, and the on-site manager Susan Cain is supportive, hard working and extremely professional.  I am blessed to have a professional setting like this to operate a tough business.  Most incredibly, I’ve never had a serious complaint in my 10 years.”
Gary J. Tofil
LPL Financial

"I have been with PS Executive Centers for 9 years!  The staff is great!"
Sheri Gent
Invent Help

“As a  psychologist, I have been with P.S. Executive Centers for over 8 years. My clients have continually complimented me on the warmth, caring, and professionalism of ‘my’ office staff. I am continually impressed with the ‘can do’ attitude of the staff and management, who always get assignments done quickly and well. The facilities are luxurious and state of the art, with all of the accouterments of a modern office. I¹ve also saved thousands of dollars in overhead and hundreds of hours of time that would be
needed to administer an office and staff.”
Dr. Robert G. Kaplan, Ph.D., B.C.F.E., D.A.B.P.S.
Clinical Psychologist

“PS Executive has a warm, professional staff that has been consistent every year since I started working with them eight years ago.”
Michael Rossen

“I just wanted to relay to you our appreciation for the outstanding service we have received from you and your staff over the years.  Everyone is always efficient and professional, and they treat our clients with dignity and respect.  Your company has allowed us to maintain two satellite offices for additional convenience to our clients with less overhead and management issues than we would otherwise have.  Thank you!”
Debra Booher

“In early 2010 I did a six month lease with PS Executives, upon hearing the news that Tina the Manager would be leaving I immediately gave PS my 30 day notice because I did not want to deal with new management and the changes that come with new management.  However, after a few weeks and some adjustments, and giving Alesa Woods the opportunity through her management skills and leadership abilities I have considered signing an extended 1 year lease.  Alesa and her teams’ professionalism and assistance with our company’s growth have been greatly appreciated.”
Benjamin Harper

“I have been a PS client for approximately eight years.  Managing a boutique financial service firm, we find the PS experience to be both professional and efficient.  The combination of location, amenities, and administrative support is not something we could duplicate with traditional office arrangements.”
John Lewis
New Albany Capital

“My office experience with PS Executive Centers has been excellent.  Your team and the fellow tenants have been gracious, courteous, professional and respectful.  In addition, the common areas, including the kitchen are very clean and presentable.

Thank you and keep up the good work."

Rob Martin, President
Crest Retirement

"I have been a client of PS Executive Services since June of 2004.  I have had both an office on-site and a virtual office.  I have never been disappointed.  The best thing about Alesa and her team is the sensitivity to client service and the consistently high quality of work that exceeds expectations."
Bob Spence
Adonai Art Designs, LLC

“As a virtual client of PS Offices I have found their facilities and services to perfectly fit my needs.  I needed a place to connect to high speed internet in order to log into my corporate offices.  I also needed to be able to use my company IP Phone to take calls like I was in the home office.  The staff at the Polaris branch of PS Executive Offices has done a fantastic job of meeting my professional needs.  Because I am virtual, the office I use frequently changes and the staff has done an outstanding job of communicating these changes in advance.”
John Schneider
Data Masons Software, LLC.

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