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“I have been a PS client for approximately eight years.  Managing a boutique financial service firm, we find the PS experience to be both professional and efficient.  The combination of location, amenities, and administrative support is not something we could duplicate with traditional office arrangements.”
John Lewis
New Albany Capital

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Does a Business Center make sense in your building?
Do you have 8,000 to 14,000 sq.ft. contiguous space? Do you frequently turn away small users? Have you considered renting small space but been put off by the need for handling numerous small and often demanding tenants?

PS Executive Centers has been in the business of running Business Centers for 20 years. We have the expertise to run efficient and profitable Business Centers, and to offer building owners a profitable, outsourced, turnkey solution.

Property Management for Owners
For property owners, our overriding focus is tenant satisfaction. Happy tenants will renew in our managed space or expand elsewhere in your building.

We therefore measure our success by our ability to service your small tenants throughout the term of their lease, and to secure a beneficial renewal when the term has ended.

As a result of our commitment to these goals, PS Executive Centers has successfully maintained high renewal rates over our 20 year history fuelled by our exceptional Administrative Support Services. This translates into significant Value-Added Service for owners.

Our Administrative Support Service
Our executive team is committed to providing your tenants with personal and attentive service. This covers not only day-to-day operations within the Business Center facility, but extends to telecommunications and technology services, receptionist service, meeting room management, copy, fax and color printing capabilities.

Simply stated, our tenant support philosophy is "You do business while we do the rest."

Business Center Management
PS provides a professional interface between the property owner and tenants within the Business Center. Our experienced, trained Center Managers and their staff are required to respond to tenant issues as and when the need arises. On-site management allows for the highest level of service response.

The PS receptionist and administrative office can also function as "the office of the building", answering questions and forwarding tenant concerns to the appropriate party.

Management Reporting
PS has developed a set of management and reporting systems for building owners. Our reporting system is designed to address all financial, budgetary, occupancy and lease tracking, as well as tenant billing for rent and services and accounts receivable.

And our full service accounting department is adaptable to your reporting requirements rather than the other way around, improving efficiency and accountability.

Value-Added Expertise
PS offers you a full service solution to dealing with tenant contracts, lease negotiation, legalities and scheduling within your Business Center. External contractors are carefully selected to ensure they are capable of satisfying tenant expectations. Our services include:

  • Regular supervision and physical inspection of your Business Center
  • Complete tenant relations and lease administration
  • Negotiation of leases
  • Verification of compliance with building safety codes
  • Monitoring of all warranties and guarantees of Business Center equipment
  • Continuous quality control of in-house staff and contractor performance

In summary, PS does more than simply manage your physical property. We take great pride in our ability to enhance the value of your property with improved profitability, to address the need to capture and retain the smaller tenant, and to incubate fast-growing start-ups for larger spaces elsewhere in your building.

Corporate Offices: PS Executive Centers, Inc. 1991 Crocker Road • Gemini Towers I  •  Westlake, Ohio 44145  •  (440)892-3300
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